Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pitch of an idea for a thriller sequence.

Next lesson our group has to pitch our idea for our film.


'The Chase' is about about a young boy who has to leave his family behind. A drug deal that goes wrong causes jack to leave home leave his family and his identity. Now hes on the run from his enemies.

Jack - This is the main character. He's 19 years old. Left home due to a massive drug deal, putting him and his family at risk.
Simon - In one of the shots, his hands and jacks hands are seen exchanging drugs and money. He is the drug dealer in the movie.
Ollie - This character is another drug dealer. Tied up for stealing money.
Other characters could be used to chase the main character, Jack.

The atmosphere of the film is going to be very tense, and upbeat. The chases will have tension and suspense, with an upbeat underlying sense. However there will be also a lonely emotion throughout, because he has had to leave his family and life.

Sub genre.
Action Thriller.

Our title will be 'The Chase' this because Jack is always running, and being chased through out his life.

The first shot will be of bloody hands.
Exchange of drugs and money,
fast paced,
different angles at filming the same shot,
walking through a door,
character tied up,
more running and climbing.

In Cambridge.

At night/dusk. Dark no special lights needed. Maybe flash light or torch.

The props we will need are limited. Money, bag with flour in, or sugar.
Red paint.

Black clothes for jack.
Ollie jeans and normal hoodie.
Simon normal everyday clothes.

Very dark and sinister, but faced pace. Maybe the sound effects of the water running, the rope tying and footsteps.

Camera work & editing.
Short duration shots to make it quick paced.
And there will be long duration shot also.

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