Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Conventions of a thriller

One key convention of a thriller is Suspense and this is vital to a thriller because it draws the watcher into the thriller film. Another key convention of a thriller film is that the Crime is always at the core of the narrative and this helps build a plot and it allows the watcher to know what's happening. Another example of a convention of a thriller is an Enigma (mystery) for spectator - solved at the end of the film conventionally. There are also some micro elements too that are used such as Musical score - suspense and tension, Low key lighting - adds to mystery, often oblique / canted angles - distort image, mystery. A final convention in a thriller is a Protagonist (main character - hero) and antagonist (A villain or force working against protagonist) - Paranormal/supernatural And this is used to make sure it is clear who is the hero and evil person. Also a hybrid is a mix of genres too that is generally used in thriller films.