Wednesday, 24 February 2010


the people who turn up to lesson

Part of filming completed

Due to a complication in the communication of the group we have not completed all the filming that we have planned to do today. Our group booked a camera from 1:30 24th of February to 9:00 25th of February and planned to complete the bulk of our filiming. However, Lauren or Ollie didn't have the other group members phone numbers so we could not contact them informing them of the times we were going to go to the setting of our thirller opening. Despite the complications we completed two short shots in our opening. Next time we book the camera+tripod we'll attempt to be better organized in order to get all of the filming done in time.

Blog of the week

We think that group P1-04 has been chosen as blog of the week because there blog is very well presented and includes a lot of information about what they are planning. They have used a lot pictures and have made every blog clear. For our blog to improve and be up to the standard of being blog of the week we should start adding more photo's to make what we are planning more clear.

We also think the target audience they have chosen is good as well. It shows clearly who the target audience is and the ages of which people are allowed to watch. I think we should also add more detail to our posts instead of just rushing to post everything up as quick as possible.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Our new filming date will be on Wednesday 24th of February.

Target Audience and Certificate by BBFC

The target audience for our film is going to be people between the ages of 15 - 45. The reason for this is because it displays mature content including drugs, violence and fowl language. We believe it would not be appropriate for a younger generation to be exposed to the level of drugs and violence used in our film.

Our certificate will be a 15. This is due to the showcase of violence and drugs which make it inappropriate for younger viewers. However we think 15 year old viewers and above should have gained a level of maturity at that age to understand and interpret our film without taking offense.

Target Audience

Thursday, 18 February 2010

example of a film that is similar to our clip

There are not a lot of films I could find that do resemble our film clip but one film clip that has already been used on this blog that I found is "Harry Brown - Official Clip - He's Got a Gun" and this film clip is on youtube and it is from the film Harry Brown which came out in late 2009.

One obvious thing in the Harry Brown clip which is similar to our film "the chase" is that both films try and make the characters look very intimidating and this is done in both films by the characters having hoods up to try and make them look more like youths who want to cause violence. And a good part in Harry Brown which represents this is when they are in the tunnel and the youths start to get threatened, but even while they are scared they still look intimidating because they are holding guns and have there hoods up.

Some parts of the narration of Harry Brown are similar to The chase and this is for instance when Harry Brown goes to the marijuana growing building which is not in this clip, and he goes there to try and stop the marijuana plant growing and this is similar to our film because there is a drug deal and then one of the dealers gets chased which clearly shows that one person is trying to stop the drug deal take place and that is another way in which the films are similar but a way in which they are not similar is the whole narration in harry brown is for harry brown to get avenge for his best friends death caused by the youths while in the chase, the narration is about a youth who has to start drug dealing to make a lot of money to take care of his mum who is ill.

One more thing that is similar in both films is the fact that the atmasphere is very tense almost all the way through it and this is done to build up tension to make the viewer be on the edge of there seat and this is shown in Harry Brown when they are in the tunnel and it is the same in our film where jack gets chased and this is used to represent that both films are crime/drug related thrillers

Friday, 5 February 2010

This is some practice footage of the drug deal; in all fairness the clip was bad and there is quite a few areas that we will need to improve for the actual sequence.

Shot list.

This is our shot list.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pictures of storyboard


The film 'Harry Brown' is a sort of influence for our film, it is a crime / thriller film which is based around gun crime and drugs which is similar to ours. This film uses people in hoodys which is similar to our clip and there is a sense of danger too and that is represnted by a gun in this clip and in our clip we will represent danger with a pocket knife

We are going to be using garage Band for the music in the back ground.

we are also using final cut express.

This is the location we decided to film our thriller. This is because the location is secluded and quiet and not a lot of people pass by, so there wont be a lot of disturbance.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Planning for filming

Props: We are going to use a variety of props for our sequence. Some of which are:
- fake drugs which we will use skittles, sherbet and fruit pastilles.
- Money for when the dealer is selling the drugs to Jack.
- simon will have a knife too and this will emphasise how much simon needs the money and the knife will look like this:

Costume: Our costumes are going to be dark and mysterious clothing which does not give any of our identities away to the audience. We are going to be wearing either black or navy colour hoodies. Dark trousers or trackies and darkly coloured shoes. We will also have jack in a hoody while he is running away to try and hide his identity to the person chasing him the hoody will be similar to this:
Lighting: We are going to make the lighting low key so it keeps us hidden. We are planning on filming our sequence in the evening just as it is starting to get dark. We are going to make sure that the lighting is always behind who ever is in the scene so you can see them. Our equipment is only really going to consist of our camera. The lighting for our sequence is going to look something like this: Street Light Fixture.jpg

Make up/ Hair: We are going to keep our hair normal as we are playing subtle characters. We are not going to use any make up as you are not going to see any of our faces in the sequence.
List of equipment:
Times + dates + Back up plan: We are planning to film this at around 4:30 - 6pm as it starts to get dark around that time. The date we are going to film is.....

Locations: We are going to film some of our sequence around the Grand Arcade shopping center in town and around The museum of Zoology.

Planning for filming

-Lighting (design /effect/equipment)
-Make up/hair
-List of equipment
-Times and dates you want to film and back up plan
-Locations (maps? permission? photos>)
-Actors (photos and suitability)
-Production roles - assign role to each member of the group:
  • Camera person, director/s, producers, production co-ordination
  • Provide definitions of each role and each persons suitability for that role - experience? skills?