Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Planning for filming

Props: We are going to use a variety of props for our sequence. Some of which are:
- fake drugs which we will use skittles, sherbet and fruit pastilles.
- Money for when the dealer is selling the drugs to Jack.
- simon will have a knife too and this will emphasise how much simon needs the money and the knife will look like this:

Costume: Our costumes are going to be dark and mysterious clothing which does not give any of our identities away to the audience. We are going to be wearing either black or navy colour hoodies. Dark trousers or trackies and darkly coloured shoes. We will also have jack in a hoody while he is running away to try and hide his identity to the person chasing him the hoody will be similar to this:
Lighting: We are going to make the lighting low key so it keeps us hidden. We are planning on filming our sequence in the evening just as it is starting to get dark. We are going to make sure that the lighting is always behind who ever is in the scene so you can see them. Our equipment is only really going to consist of our camera. The lighting for our sequence is going to look something like this: Street Light Fixture.jpg

Make up/ Hair: We are going to keep our hair normal as we are playing subtle characters. We are not going to use any make up as you are not going to see any of our faces in the sequence.
List of equipment:
Times + dates + Back up plan: We are planning to film this at around 4:30 - 6pm as it starts to get dark around that time. The date we are going to film is.....

Locations: We are going to film some of our sequence around the Grand Arcade shopping center in town and around The museum of Zoology.

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