Thursday, 18 February 2010

example of a film that is similar to our clip

There are not a lot of films I could find that do resemble our film clip but one film clip that has already been used on this blog that I found is "Harry Brown - Official Clip - He's Got a Gun" and this film clip is on youtube and it is from the film Harry Brown which came out in late 2009.

One obvious thing in the Harry Brown clip which is similar to our film "the chase" is that both films try and make the characters look very intimidating and this is done in both films by the characters having hoods up to try and make them look more like youths who want to cause violence. And a good part in Harry Brown which represents this is when they are in the tunnel and the youths start to get threatened, but even while they are scared they still look intimidating because they are holding guns and have there hoods up.

Some parts of the narration of Harry Brown are similar to The chase and this is for instance when Harry Brown goes to the marijuana growing building which is not in this clip, and he goes there to try and stop the marijuana plant growing and this is similar to our film because there is a drug deal and then one of the dealers gets chased which clearly shows that one person is trying to stop the drug deal take place and that is another way in which the films are similar but a way in which they are not similar is the whole narration in harry brown is for harry brown to get avenge for his best friends death caused by the youths while in the chase, the narration is about a youth who has to start drug dealing to make a lot of money to take care of his mum who is ill.

One more thing that is similar in both films is the fact that the atmasphere is very tense almost all the way through it and this is done to build up tension to make the viewer be on the edge of there seat and this is shown in Harry Brown when they are in the tunnel and it is the same in our film where jack gets chased and this is used to represent that both films are crime/drug related thrillers

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