Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Anatomy of a murder

The title sequence of this film shows a dull grey screen and then it suddenly changes with a sharp loud sound which is used to make the reader feel unpleasant and shocked there is also a silhouette of a body lying on the floor and it has the words 'anatomy of a murder' put into the body and this clearly gives the idea that the film is based around a murder and creates a thrilling kind of atmosphere for the audience. The audience will also know at this point that that character who is the silhouette is murdered by the way the character is placed at the start. The rest of the title sequence continues to show body images in a bleak form and the technique used to do this is to have a quick pan from one body part to another and it creates the idea that the people murdered have been tore limb from limb and it makes the audience feel tense and nervous while watching this opening sequence. 0.06 seconds into the clip the narrative has a Spanish off screen narrator to say the title of the film very quickly and because the voice used is deep, and it gets played when the audience least expects it; it creates a image that the film will be more or less a crime thriller. Near the end of the clip there is a quick zooming in of hands and this represents a murder scene and how the investigators look in for little details on hands and gives a hint to the audience that the film may have a clue in it if you look at the murdered body's hand and it makes the audience feel exited and it allows them to pay close attention to the narrative too because they will be looking out for a hand. After the fast zoom in of the hand there is a complete contrast to the pitch black screen and a white title appears instantly and the narrative does this because it wants the audience to feel thrilled and shocked in the film and it gives a sense to the audience that the atmosphere in the film will be very jumpy and fast moving because of the title sequence.

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