Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Cape fear - expectations

In the opening sequence of Cape Fear there is long lasting thrilling music which creates an atmosphere and it gives a sense that the film will be a thriller too. But by reading the start of the film it does not give any sign of being a thriller because the main villian 'Max Cady' is in prison and because he is in prison there is no way of him harming anyone so the audience would not be getting the thrilling feeling at the start of the film. But when the film gets about half way through and when 'Max Cady' is released the audience would start to feel suspense because they know the villian is out and most probably looking for revenge and that is why from the middle of the film onwards the audience would start to get thrilled.

The title sequence of the film doesn't have very much to do with the film. The image of a man that you see in the water could either be a representaion of 'Max Cady' or of 'Sam Bowden'. Seen as the film is a thriller it is more likely to be of 'Max Cady' as he wants to get revenge on 'Sam'. The idea using the water could be a good representation as the film is set in Florida and that is right on the coast of America. This is linking back to the synopsis because 'Max Cady' is seen as dangerous in the film and in the water.

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