Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thriller analysis.

This thriller sequence is very simple and quite to a certain degree effective. The first shot of the sequence is of error codes e.c.t i think this as a first shot makes the person watching very confused about the genre of the film to come up. However i think this also becomes very effective. This group hold a shot steady where appropriate, throughout the whole sequence they use a shaking action to create depth to the sequence, causing confusion and disorientates the scene. They use this well towards the end, when the shot merges into the title. The editing on the title is excellent, making the film look a lot scarier, using fire. The lack of information in the sequence creates an ambiguous feel and leaves the viewer questioning the genre and ethics of the film as a whole. However the sound of the sequence lets it down. There are a lot of pauses for silence, however i don't know if this is for effect or a mistake in not planning enough to have time for a detailed sound track. On the other hand it doesn't give a lot away still creating the aura of suspense and mystery.

For all of these effects and editing techniques we will be awarding this group; 36/60. This is because they seemed to lose track of the aim, and rather than focusing on a good structure, they use there time up with editing for the title.

We will use this information to our advantage, putting this knowledge into our own thriller sequence.

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