Friday, 15 January 2010

The Dark Knight.

How does is follow generic conventions?
How does it make you feel?
How does it achieve this?

The first thing we see is a comic book looking opening, the cartoon smiles and low key lighting starts the scene with a tense apprehension. Another part of the sequence is the fire, this gives the impression that the film is violent, and the thudding of the music creates a tense atmosphere for the film to begin. The establishing shot is of buildings, this gives the audience a clear cut view of where the opening sequence will be shot. However the convention of a normal thriller hybrid is that it is set at night, but this scene is in the broad day light, which challenges the conventions of a normal thriller scene. The smashing of the glass seems much louder than the music that is playing in the background. This gives the smash a focused point in the shot. The masks that are worn in the whole sequence makes me feel uneasy. I think they used masks to disguise the criminals because a lot of people find masks, clowns, and things that are abnormal scary. They had the same effect on me, they also made me feel scared if the unknown. The use of guns during the whole sequence and how freely they are used made me feel uncomfortable, this is because guns are not meant to be used with a care free attitude. This gave the characters a care free veiw of death, which made it more on edge of what was going to happen next. There was also a hint of mystery when there is a long shot of man holding a mask in his hand and we cant see his face.

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