Friday, 15 January 2010

The Dark Knight

How does it follow generic conventions (micro + macro)?

The dark knight does follow the conventions of a thriller film for example the mise en scene when the crooks use the scary mask that is used to represent evil, the masks also are used to make the men look mysterious but if you look closely you can tell who the joker is. Another way the dark knight follows the generic conventions of a thriller is because of the sound that is used; At the start of the sequence there is a screeching sound which sounds spine chilling but for the rest of the sequence the music is simple and makes the audience feel excited and on the edge of there seat and this is unusual for a thriller because the music should be more thrilling to fit the genre of a thriller film. One last thing that does follow the conventions of a thriller film is the narrative and how they go to rob a bank. this is stereotypical of a thriller film

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