Tuesday, 19 January 2010


The thriller sequence called Easy Target is quite a good thriller sequence. This is one of the best openings we have seen from last year. It doesn't go into to much detail about what is going to be happening in the rest of the film which is a down side but on the other hand the sequence uses a lot of steady shots where appropriate. There is also a good use of mise - en - scene in the sequence which is very effective in making the opening sequence look like a thriller. he soundtrack used in the opening sequence also creates a sense of mystery and also makes you want to carry on watching. The way they have made the sequence makes the film mysterious and dark. Overall we think that this opening sequence could of been made better, but it is still on the borderlines of a high level 3 and a low level 4; we give this opening sequence a 48.

We will use this opening sequence to our advantage because we will use it as a guideline to when we make our opening sequence. The mise en scene in this opening sequence has told us a lot because it shows how using good props and costumes makes the clip a lot better.

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