Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The 'Human Factor' opening sequence by Saul Bass is very simple, yet i think effective. The red back ground gives a sense of danger. Considering there is an object that is compatable to communication, a telephone, it gives a clear indication that the film has something to do wtih communication or lost communitcation, or along those lines. This is all due to the colour red. As the shot pans across the wire of the telephone while the music that is being played in the back ground is digetic. The music is played with an acoustic guitar, which is creating confusion and tension, but at the same time a relaxed feel. As the sequence progresses so does the music, although it still has that relaxed feel to it, outbursts remind you that the film is horror. The image on the screen sometimes puts you off the music as they are very contrasting, the music is soft and security, but the image gives the feeling of being on edge, and not to trust what you are hearing. As the title sequence carrys on, it becomes clear that there is a break in the wire, hanging on my a strand. This backs my theory that the film is about lost communication, or broken communication. However it is just holding on. The title then comes up in a very blurry writting, this could convey the thought of communications being blurred or someones life e.c.t.

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