Wednesday, 27 January 2010


In our film sequence called 'the chase' we have to use a number of different props to go with our film sequence. One important prop that we need is definitely going to be a plastic see through bag with sugar or flour in to represent the drugs that we are going to use when the drug deal takes place in our film sequence. Another key prop that will be needed will be a lot of money and we will need this because when the exchange takes place we have to make it look like there is a big drug swap, so having a lot of money will represent that the drug exchange is a very important and the drugs are worth a lot of money. Another prop that could be used is maybe a pocket knife that both characters could use and these would represent the danger in both characters and how the drug deal is risky but on the other side it can show how they are poor and living a low quality of life because a wealthy drug dealer would most probably carry a more dangerous weapon. The last prop that we are going to need will be a picture of a woman who looks old, and this will represent a mum to the character in the film and this will influence the audience because it will make them realise that the character giving the drugs away is only doing it so he can make money and pay for his mum who needs help

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