Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Feedback session.

  • Where are we going to shoot it?
  • Very good.
  • Would be very tense with the chasing.
  • A lot of opportunities during some shots such as the running, hands exchanging.
  • Could be jump cuts.
  • Leave plenty of time to edit.
  • Use a lot of effects such as filters and dissolves.
  • Maybe think of changing roles for the main character, Simon could be sympathized with a lot easier by the audience. Whereas Jack is tall and could be seen more powerful and intimidating.
As a result of this feedback we will make sure that as a group we are organized so we leave plenty of time at the end of the shooting to edit, and make things as good as they can be. So we can use filters and dissolves, and change things if needed. During this time we can also experiment using different effects and and sounds when editing. After thinking about the characters, we feel that Jack is better actor to play the role of the main character, we think this because Jack is not meant to be sympathized with by the audience because he looks vulnerable, because this character is not. But because this character is meant to miss home and his family and his life. This is why we think the characters should stay as they are, although this was a fair point made during the feedback session.

This feedback made us as a group think of how much time we were going to spend on filming, we suggested we have one night of filming when everyone is free so we have the rest of the time to edit. We also thought a lot more about the location of where we are going to film. We came to the conclusion that we will be filming at the grand arcade. This is because its an enclosed pace and there could be a lot of potential there to film. We have also thought a lot about the organization of the group and who is going to be doing what and timing.

Action Points
...By the start of filming we are going to have achieved.

  1. To have all props ready to use. ( we will all get our own props and if someone has something some one else needs, we will discuss this.)
  2. A definite location.
  3. How long were going to have the camera.
  4. What time we will meet and end, so we know what time to go and what time to be picked up.
  5. To know who'd doing exactly what.
  6. Story board.
  7. Definite idea what we are going to do when we get to the location when we are beginning to film.
  8. What shots we are filming and in what order.
  9. What lighting we will need.
  10. If we need any more actors, or help.

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