Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Thriller Sub genres.

For the thriller genre there are several sub-genres. These include action, spy, political and even erotic thrillers. The reason for these sub genres is becasue the genre 'Thriller' could fit into various other genres including horror or fast paced action movies. The thriller genre can include the following sub-genres, although they may include elements of other genres.

* Action thriller: This may include movies such as the Bourne trilogy or the James bond movies. These often include a lot of fight scenes and fast action scenes which may include one character chasing another.

* Conspiracy thriller: Where one man/woman is against a large group or society.

* Crime thriller: Which includes a storyline solely based on a crime committed Recent movies including 'Sherlock Holmes' fall into this category.

* Disaster thriller: Movies such as war of the worlds and independence day fall into this category as they both show large scale (most of the time exagerated with CGI) disasters including the end of the world.

* Drama thriller: Drama thrillers conventionally have numerous plot twists and a slow pace. Movies such as 'The Illusionist'

* Erotic thriller: These include erotic scenes and also a plot that is thrilling and full of twists for the audience.

* Legal thriller: Usually there is a good character and a bad character and they make the viewer take a moral judgment on one of them. The setting is usually in a courtroom or a prison.

* Medical thriller: In which there is a rush (usually against time) for a hero-type character to save another character with medical skills. Films such as awake fall into this.

* Political thriller: This type of sub genre which the hero/heroine must ensure the stability of the government that employs him. Films such as Agency.

* Psychological thriller: In which the main character is mentally and emotionally disturbed instead of physically. Films such as 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' fall into this category.

* Spy thriller: This is when the main character has to go against enemies, usually this includes agents or in recent years terrorists. Films such as 'Mission impossible' comes under this sub genre.

* Techno-thriller: In which (typically military) technology is described in detail and made essential to the reader's/viewer's understanding of the plot. Films such as 'The hunt for the red October' are under this sub genre.

* Religious thriller: This is when religion is closely connected to the plot of the film. Films such as 'The Da Vinci code'.

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