Wednesday, 27 January 2010


There has been a number of things that have influenced us to make our film sequence called 'The Chase' one main thing that has influenced us was the film called "Banlieue 13" which is a film which has Parkour including into the film. This film shows a lot of chase scenes which is what our film includes as well. Another influence is that by using a film dedicated to drug use we can use some easy to get costumes that are brilliant for the sequence; and this is for example the use of hoody's which we can use to make the drug dealers seem more intimidating and this will add a sense of tension and suspense. We also thought that another influence was how we could use lighting and we decided that filming the sequence in a dark lighting is perfect for the use of drug dealing because it makes the scene look more thrilling. Using the low key or darker lighting also creates a more tense atmosphere for the audience.

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