Friday, 12 March 2010

Rough Cut Evalution

p1- 02- we liked the variation in shot types and style of the film. we thought that the film flowed very nicely and displayed the story very well. we thought that obviously sound is an issue but we pressume this will later be added. sound that would be good with the seqeunce would be fast paced and tense

- No sound?
- Good costumes
- Good variety of shots, long shots worked well
- Enigmatic vibe
- Drug scenes could be improved, try using flour or sugar instead of blue tack.
- Hand washing scenes get repetitive and dull, could be shortened, try to get hold of fake blood. Tomatoes are not convincing.

The lack of sound doesn't create an atmosphere. The use of costume helps the audience to get a sense of who the characters are. The person is washing their hands for to long and it begins to become tedious.

We thought the fake blood worked well - disagree STRONGLY with p1-03. We thought that the sequence was very believable.
We thought for your soundtrack you should use very fast paced, heavy music as this will match your title 'The Chase' and make the sequence seem much faster.
We thought the variety of shots was good because it added to the atmosphere.
We thought cutting back to the sink scene linked it very well because it created some confusion which made it much more tense.

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